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Prakriti-A Mountain Environment Group, Rudraprayag

Add: Silli, Agastyamuni
Tel : 91-1364-256261
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Contact Person : K N Vajpai
Purpose : Working in Environment and Development issues in Uttaranchal
Aim/Objective/Mission : Prakriti is a group of environment and development professionals, working in Himalayan Mountains of Uttarakhand, India for more than a decade. Prakriti, as a mountain environment group was established in 1997 by a group of environmental professionals towards environmental concern in Himalayan Mountains. The group works upon environmental protection and conservation related issues. It observes that, at present the mountain state Uttarakhand faces the problems of shrinking forest, depleting water resources, eroding tradition and bio-diversity. This group works through its comprehensive approach of mountain development for environmental security with the support of a numbers of national and international agencies.

Gramin Samudaik Vikas Seva Sansthan, Rudraprayag

Add : Kedarnath Road, Tilwara
Tel :
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Email : rameshkhanduri@rediff.mailcom
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Contact Person : Ramesh Prasad Khanduri
Purpose :
Aim/Objective/Mission : The mission statement the purpose of Gramin Samudaik Vikas Seva Sansthan is to engage in appropriate sustainable different-abled child sensitive social action to empower different-abled children and their communities towards developing there full God given potential by. Striving to be sensitive to the voice, wisdom participation of the community in the development process. Striving for individual inclusive quality education, health care, training and rehabilitation for all the different-abled children’s of Garhwal. Striving towards preceding access to corrective surgery, rehabilitation, training and employment for the different-abled. Striving to provide timely, appropriate relief and rehabilitation to victims of natural disasters and conflicts. Striving to bring the all round development among the physically, mentally challenged, blind, deaf, dumb, orphan, widow, old aged, oppress, depress and neglected from the society.
The vision of the Gramin Samudaik Vikas Seva Sansthan a poverty free and just world where all children’s have equal opportunity and accesses to develop their full potential. Strengthening of local development people networking and advocacy efforts. Building the capacity and skill of local.